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Question: what is the most coolest holiday you have been on ???

Asked by imyhoppy to Alex, Anne-M, Dot, Joe, Kate, Lee on 10 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Lee VaseyLee Vasey answered on 7 Oct 2010:

    Four weeks in California for my 50th Flew into LA got a hire car went to Burbank for 3 days to visit Universal Studios, then Anaheim for Disneyland. Went to Monteray to go down the Pacific Coast Highway and saw seals and whales and exotic birds and the colours of the ocean was superb. Went to Barstow to do route 66 then the Grand Canyon then Hoover Dam. We stayed a week at Palm Springs hired a house with a pool. Four days at Vegas stayed in the Venetian Hotel (superb) Stayed at San Clementi and flew home from LA Fantastic Holiday.


  • Photo: Anne-Marie CurryAnne-Marie Curry answered on 7 Oct 2010:

    I have had two holidays that I would consider the coolest, The first was when I was 7 and we did a three month tour camping in England and then spent the last week camping in Mombasa. Where we would sit and watch monkeys coming down from the trees and pinching things from the tents. The second was spending a week with my daughter travelling the country visiting zoos and wild life parks.


  • Photo: Alex NicholsonAlex Nicholson answered on 8 Oct 2010:

    I did the Tall Ships Race when I was in Y11 at school , we sailed from Amsterdam through the inland waterways it was fantastic. My honeymoon was 3 weekstouring Japan – a total out of this world experience save up it’s definately worth a trip.

    Travel is one thing I really enjoy – but not the flights.

    The holiday of my dreams would be – Amazonian Rainforsest staying in a treehouse, whitewater rafting down the Grand Canyon, The Peruvian Inca Trail and a week on a ranch living like a cowgirl.

    I’m going to Pisa and Venice in half term…. can’t wait


  • Photo: Dorothy LongDorothy Long answered on 10 Oct 2010:

    I think the best thing I’ve done is to have a week in Perth, Western Australia which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and then exploring the area to the south of Perth which is very empty and beautiful with great beaches and forests, fantastic.



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